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Share More!


The "Share More" Campaign began at a SYLC weekend workshop in December 2018, during which time members learned about media and how it perpetuates harmful norms, and made postcards to try to disrupt these norms. From there, "Share More" became an effort to disrupt harmful dominant narratives through vulnerable storytelling.  

The Share More Campaign Presents The Postcard Project!

To participate in the Postcard Project, create a postcard that shares a part of your story. It can be deep or funny. It just has to be honest. No artistic ability required.

Share Your Story!

Guidelines For Participation

1. Keep it anonymous! Don't use your name or the names of others.

2. Do not use obscene language or imagery

3. Be thoughtful and careful with your words

4. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable

5. Share your story, not a part of your highlight reel


Click on any of the titles below to see more postcards!

mental health mas.jpg

SYLC members talk with A Moment Together producer, Ellen Frankenstein, about the Postcard Project, hope, and the time we're in.

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