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Join Sylc

Do you want to have the opportunity to be a youth leader, spread the word about the issues you care about, and help with youth advocacy in Sitka and the rest of the state? Sounds like SYLC is right for you! 


Are you interested in developing your leadership skills and promoting respect, equity, and healthy relationships in our schools and communities? If so, join SYLC! You'll have the opportunity to get involved in organizing and participating in peer education projects, panel discussions, relevant workshops, and attending statewide conferences! If any of these things appeal to you, and you're a current middle or high school student in Sitka, apply today! 

Click the button below to apply for SYLC. We recruit throughout the year and accept rolling applications. 


To learn more about SYLC or to ask questions, contact our SYLC intern at


Become a Peer Educator!

Join Peer Education (1).png

Are you a teen interested in presenting to your peers about healthy and unhealthy relationships in our schools and community? Become a Peer Educator! You'll develop leadership skills while promoting respect, equity, and healthy relationships. Note that you do not need to be a SYLC member to be a Peer Educator. 

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