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What does having power mean to you?


How does your identity shape your experiences with power and privilege?


Which parts of your identity allow you to have privilege? Which don’t?

How can you use your power to help others? 

​​What does practicing allyship look like to you?

​​What keeps you strong and helps you move forward despite how much status power you may or may not have been born with?

"I am the one who will stand up, speak out, and FIGHT. Art for Equality."

"Dream/ Equality/ Peace/ Social Change/ Leadership/ Work/ Change"


"Practicing Allyship to me means

  • Educating myself about LGBTQ issues

  • Donating to/ publicly supporting organizations/individuals that promote equality for everyone

  • Being a safe person to approach help"


"Equity is sharing what you have with others - no, wait. It's sharing what I have with you."


"Being empowered.

I'm a straight white male so I'm ruined.

Straight white male. I can directly empower another.

Love. <3

Love. <3"


"How can I use my power to help others? <3 I use my power to empower others to be their best self..."


"Equal Power = Peace for all. Women Sufferage has given us the power to know better for our future generations. Allyship is = power, love & peace."


"We are all Beautiful!"

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