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"If You Really Knew Me, You Would Know..."

if you really knew me 8.jpg

"I have a history of embarassing my friends."


"I am disabled. I have chronic never ending pain. I have a very limited diet."

if you really knew me 7.jpg

"I am a really messy eater." 


"I am nonexistent. The name I've gone by my entire life isn't real. Who I say I am legally does not exist. I didn't know until I was 17 ."


"Two of the people I'm closet with live halfway across the world and soon all the others will too."

if you really knew me 10.jpg

"I become obsessed easily."

iyrkm 5.png

"When I'm in nature...I feel closer to my dad...who died 5 years ago."

if you really knew me 9.jpg

"I am bad at spelling. 'acccess' 'fisical edocation' 'quat' 'beaucause'"

if you really knew me 11.jpg

"I fall over often."

if you really knew me 6.jpg

"The amount of times I've gotten a bloody nose or stomach pains from laughing probably would have killed me..."


"Having an absent father and a always stressed mother made me grow up way too fast."


"It took me awhile to be proud to be Alaskan Native. I was scared that people would make fun of me. I didn't feel comfortable to be myself."


"I feel vulnerable when I tell my friends I love them because my autism makes it difficult to tell if I'm expressing my feelings in the 'right' way, and my anxiety make me worry that if I don't say things the 'right' way they'll react badly and get mad at me and stop talking to me forever. I used to be really careful about it and make sure to never love people more than they loved me, because it felt like that kept happening and I kept getting hurt. And I still carry that fear that made me careful, and I might never get rid of it, but I'm less careful than I used to be because now I know that showing love is worth the risks."

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