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Mental Health

We believe by sharing more diverse stories we can help flip restrictive narratives in society that can be detrimental to mental health. If you have a story you would like to see shared anonymously on social media, make a postcard that tells a part of your experience and submit!


"I'm insecure/ I don't like looking at pictures of myself/ I care what other people think/ I'm afraid to be myself."


"Think the wrong way/ obsessed/ control freak/ inevitable consequence.


 You can't always avoid/ It only takes a small thing/ STRESS/ stress/


The confusing/ envy/ we couldn't find perfect

Being anxious about the future/ all that extra weight can break her down slow her down."

mental health mas.jpg

"I ALWAYS try to make others like me but to be honest I don't even like myself half of the time."

mental health 2.jpg

"I use social media too much. I compare myself to influencers."


"I've been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember. Had a rivalry with my sister when we were in diapers to get more of mom's attention. Teachers at school loved me because I worked so hard. My classmates mostly thought I was obnoxious and no fun.


Perfectionism has led to a lot of self-hatred and frustration. Every time I screwed something up--no matter how minor--I'd be so hard on myself. Sometimes, I'd give up on new hobbies--sports, art, friendships, and relationships--because if they weren't perfect, then what's the point? That's how I saw things. It was NOT good for me. Now I'm working on focusing on improving not achieving perfection. My goal is to have fun a be a better person today than I was yesterday."

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