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Developed by the young minds of the Sitka Youth Leadership Committee (SYLC), the “I AM” Campaign promotes respect, celebrates diversity,  and connects youth across Alaska.


It encourages young Alaskans to embrace their strengths, be proud of their unique qualities, and challenge stereotypes. We believe that recognizing and celebrating our differences strengthens community, helps build self-esteem, and respect for others.


Take the challenge and upload your photo with a positive adjective using the hashtag #respectchallenge today to help us reach our goal of 500 posts and 2,000 likes! Your picture could be chosen for the next online poster! Upload now and spread the word to friends and family.

"Respecting others begins with respecting yourself" 
-SYLC Member

How Do I Take the Challenge?

Pick a photo! 

Take one now, or find an old one that you love! 

Are you adventerous? Smart? Fun-loving? Pick any positive adjective that describes you! 

Choose an adjective

Tag & nominate

Post your photo and positive adjective to Instagram. Don't forget to use the #respectchallenge hashtag! 

Post it

Don't forget to tag @sylcleaders and follow us so you can have a chance to be featured. When you're done, nominate 10 friends to take the challenge! 

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Spread The Word!

Share one of our campaign posters to help educate others about the role that self-esteem plays in protecting teens against risky behaviors! 

Or, share our videos and PSAs about respect, healthy relationships, and breaking down stereotypes! 

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