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SYLC members act as peer leaders and work to educate themselves and other youth about healthy relationships, respect, and other issues that are important to teens. 


Healthy Relationship Education

SYLC members plan and organize educational workshops for their peers, and often attend events where they can speak or facilitate activities about healthy relationships. They also help give healthy relationship classes with SAFV's school director at the high schools in Sitka. 

Are you a teen who is interested in being a Peer Educator?

Teen Talks

SYLC members facilitate discussions about respect, bullying, oppression, and taking action using SYLC's video toolkit. 

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Bring SYLC to your community!

SYLC members travel from time to time to other towns and villages in Alaska to facilitate teen talks, workshops about youth advocacy, and conversations about healthy relationships and other topics. 


Fill out the form below if you are interested in bring SYLC to your community! 

SYLC's Media Toolkit

SYLC's media toolkit is a video in which members share their thoughts, experiences and the importance of respect, a sense of belonging, and interrupting oppression. By doing this they hope to inspire discussions about these topics. And hopefully, if enough people talk and spread this message, it can make a difference.


We can share this toolkit with interested groups at a small fee to cover shipping. Please contact if you are interested. 


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