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Building bridges, creating change.

The Sitka Youth Leadership Committee (SYLC) is a
group of youth leaders based in Sitka, Alaska. 

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We are dedicated to building bridges and promoting

respect across cliques, schools, and communities. 

Recent Campaigns

SYLC's Mental Health Is Health campaign aims to destigmatize the spectrum of mental health challenges, normalize asking for help, encourage adults to be aware of signs of mental health decline in youth and respond with urgency and appropriate resources, and illuminate how systems of oppression and inequity can impact individuals' mental health. 

SYLC's "Mold Your Masculinity" campaign is focused on unhealthy masculinity and the harms that come with it. Our goal is to help men rise to create their own healthy masculinity by educating youth and adults in Sitka on the harms of the man box–a set of societal beliefs that pressure men to be a certain way. To learn more about these rigid expectations that increase risk of harm to self and others, click the "Mold Your Masculinity" button above!

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Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome. Promoting equity can exist in many different forms- it can be calling out injustices, working on allyship, and understanding how to use your societal power for good. Click the "equity campaign" button above to learn more! 

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SYLC is committed to promoting equity and diversity. We want to hear from you! We believe that by sharing vulnerable stories, not only can we highlight the diversity that Sitka has to offer, we can build more connections, empathy, and positive relationships among Sitkans. To participate, make a postcard to give the community a glimpse of your story/experience! Submissions may appear on SYLC social media and will remain anonymous. Click the "Share More: the Postcard Project" button above to view postcards and submit your own.

SYLC's “Healthy Me, Healthy We” campaign focuses on promoting healthy relationships and education about dating violence. SYLC is committed to educating our peers about the red flags or warning signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships and their rights and responsibilities in every relationship. Click the "teen dating violence awareness" button above to learn more.

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